YAPC::Europe 2011 in Riga

YAPC::Europe 2011 “Modern Perl”

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The State of the Acmeism

By Ingy döt Net (‎ingy‎) from SPUG.pm
Date: Tuesday, 16 August 2011 12:05
Duration: 65 minutes
Target audience: Any
Tags: acmeism perl

Acmeism (http://acmeism.org) is the commitment to furthering all good languages simultaneously. In this talk Ingy döt Net will demonstrate C'Dent (a new programming language for hacking modules in many languages at once), TestML (Acmeist unit testing), Stardoc (cross language doc), Package (Acmeist software bundling), Pegex (cross language parsing), JSYNC (JSON+YAML) and more, involving a dozen programming languages. He will tell you about the current state of these projects, and attempt to make an Acmeist out of You!

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