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YAPC::Europe 2011 “Modern Perl”

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The Legend of Data::Query - a LINQ's awakening

By Matt S Trout (‎mst‎) from northwestengland.pm, dahut.pm, drinkers.pm, lgbt.pm
Date: Wednesday, 17 August 2011 12:30
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate
Tags: class database db dbix linq orm sql

Many years ago, an object database called Tangram was created, and
fascinatingly its query syntax was ... just Perl. Until you got to certain
edge cases *sweep sweep sweep* just ignore the bulge under the carpet, ok?

Slightly fewer years ago, I began a massive refactor/rebase of Class::DBI
that accidentally resulted in an ORM called DBIx::Class. Now hopefully one
of the most powerful SQL metaprogramming tools on the planet, I've grown
more and more irritated over time that its data structure based query
interface was neither SQLish nor particularly perlish.

My first glimpse of LINQ in C# revealed that not only were ideas I'd been
mooting for some time feasible but that they could be done in a language
noticeably less dynamic than Perl. And that therefore it was my duty to take
the good parts of the solutions they'd already come up with and blatantly
steal them.

Data::Query is the discharging of that duty. And I hope you're all going
to fall in love with it as much as I already have.

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