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YAPC::Europe 2011 “Modern Perl”

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YAPC::Europe 2011 in Riga is over

24/08/11 00:44 by Andrew Shitov (‎ash‎)

Dear YAPC::Europe attendees,

This year's conference is over. We spent a few days doing some final works and calculations, and can deliver some statistics now.

There were 278 people who attended the conference in Riga. This is a great number and we wish it become bigger next year. The attendees dinner was attended by 302 people. We'd like to thank all the 87 speakers of the conference and all the attendees who came to Riga and enjoyed the conference with us during that week. 48 people (not all unique) attended the teaching classes before and after the conference. 38 bottles of champagne were drunk during the last coffee break :-)

The videos recorded during the conference will be incrementally appearing on the yapc.tv website in the following weeks.

All in all, we think the conference was great and we look forward to see you in Frankfurt in August of 2012. Frankfurt team had a strong proposal and we wish them to organize even better event.

You are welcome to send your feedback directly to mail@yapceurope.lv.

Thank you very much for your interest in Perl and the conference. See you next year.

Andrew Shitov, Dan Makarov, Alex Kapranov, Dmitry Karasik, Sergey Zhavoronkov.