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The Fifth YAPC::Europe Newsletter

15/06/11 23:46 by Andrew Shitov (‎ash‎)

Dear YAPC::Europe attendees,

We had a two-month vacations and didn't send any newsletters. We hope you are quite hungry now due to the lack of news about the most important Perl event in Europe. To overcome the hunger we'll speak about food today :-)

There are great news.

Following a tradition (probably based on generic human being instincts) there are two official food parties around the conference. The pre-conference meeting and the attendees dinner.

Pre-conference meeting

In the evening before the main days of the conference, namely, the 14th of August (Sunday) we will be waiting you in the very centre of Riga, just in front of one of the Riga's place of interest, Rigas Doms.

If the weather is good (no rain), we'll sit'n'roam (or, in Modern Perl it should be written as sit::n::roam) at the street summer tables. In case of rain, there's a backup closely located place with a permanent rain protection roof.

Worth to mention that we have our brilliant (in fact, Platinum) sponsor, cPanel Inc., which made it possible to offer the attendees of pre-conference meeting a free beer or two! Just be on time, we'll start at 18:30 there. All the routes, maps and instructions will be sent to you before the conference.

Attendees dinner

In the evening of the second day of the conference, the 16th of August (Tuesday) we have the attendees dinner. It means that after the end of the talks we invite all of you to come to another Riga's famous place, Lido restaurant to have another beer and some food this time :-)

We'll try to make the dinner less formal so that we are not tied to small tables being forced to see the same people for a couple of hours. We'll do our best to achieve the most comfortable atmosphere for attendees chatting, talking and meeting.

Let us say that we have to thank our Platinum Sponsor, Booking.com B.V. for branding the dinner and make it free for the attendees (well, paid ones :-) and speakers.

You are welcome to bring your partner to the dinner, just make sure to pay for them before. We'll let you know how much you need to pay for the partner later.

If you have any special requirements (vegetarian, vegan, no fish, whatever), please let us know in advance so that we are more flexible. Just send us an e-mail to mail@yapceurope.lv right now.

OK, this is the end of today's newsletter, and we'll be back really soon.

New sponsors

Please welcome our new sponsors!

Feel free to contact us: mail@yapceurope.lv.
Follow our Twitter: twitter.com/yapcrussia.
Visit the site: yapceurope.lv.

See you all at YAPC::Europe 2011 in Riga!