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The First YAPC::Europe 2011 Newsletter

19/01/11 00:56 by Andrew Shitov (‎ash‎)


This is the First YAPC::Europe 2011 Newsletter.


Some time ago you subscribed to our notification mailing list of YAPC::Europe 2011 in Riga. Thank you for your interest!

Today we officially announce the launch of our full-size website. Welcome: yapceurope.lv

Registration pages, talk submissions and payment system are up and running. You can also find information about Riga, its airport, public transport, mobile phones and sightseeing: yapceurope.lv/ye2011/riga/index.html.

For your convenience, we created a page with a list of exchange rates of Latvian Lat: yapceurope.lv/ye2011/riga/exchange.html.

There is another special page for hotel reservations: hotels.yapceurope.lv which is intended to help you to find a hotel in Riga close to the venue.

You can either log in with your user name from previous YAPCs or other Perl workshops: yapceurope.lv/ye2011/main or create a new account: yapceurope.lv/ye2011/register. After signing in you will be asked to join the conference.

The website is running Act (A Conference Toolkit), the same system which is used for many other Perl events. Huge thanks and respect to the guys who created Act and do its maintenance over the last few years. The list of conferences which are using that software is amazing: act.mongueurs.net/conferences.html.


There is an official Twitter account where we post random thoughts and news of how the preparation to the conference goes. Follow us: twitter.com/yapcrussia.

Conference news and newsletters are available via RSS: yapceurope.lv/ye2011/atom/en.xml.


We have three basic levels of attendance fee: * Regular price 99 EUR; * Student price 59 EUR; * Business price 299 EUR.

Early birds can buy a ticket with a reduced price of 79 EUR. This proposal will end on 14th of April.

Baltic citizen (those of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) may purchase cheaper tickets. All the information on pricing is available online: yapceurope.lv/ye2011/price/index.html.

Conference speakers attend the conference free of charge (which does not apply to lightning talks-only speakers).


We would like to invite companies to sponsoring YAPC::Europe 2011. Basic information about the sponsorship is published at yapceurope.lv/ye2011/sponsorship/index.html.

Please note that a person who brings a sponsor to us can attend the conference free of charge.


YAPC Europe Foundation


The YAPC::Europe Foundation (YEF) is a non-profit organization which works to promote Perl in Europe primarily through public events. YEF supports conference organizers with kickstart donations and by sponsoring an online payment system that can be connected to Act. The venue committee also reviews proposals for the annual YAPC::Europe conference.

Findus Internet-OPAC

Findus is a media search programme specifically for community and municipal libraries. It allows users to quickly search their media library stock.

YAPC::Europe 2010


YAPC::Europe 2010 was held in Pisa, Italy, in August 2010. The event was organized by the Perl.It association and the Italian Perl Mongers.


This newsletter was sent to those who gave us their e-mail addresses on our old website and was intended only to inform you about the launch of our new site. The mailing list will be destroyed right after the last e-mail goes out. You are kindly requested to register on our conference site and join the conference to receive future newsletters: yapceurope.lv/ye2011/main.

Feel free to contact us: mail@yapceurope.lv.